Highlights of Miami Art Basel 2013 Streets


“Nemo’s” tags can be seen everywhere.  It’s hard to believe that he doesn’t leave his mark where ever he stands.  From street signs, to 2-inch squares, no place is too small or big for him to make his presence known.

EMO120513_8425emo 120413_0195emo


“Emo”, makes you wonder “how?” The heights he reaches are insurmountable and always unequivocally identifiable.  His handstyle is consistent and intriguing. While he is a dedicated piecer, his feet is firmly grounded in the bombers’ world.

CENT 120713_9785centThe classic style of “Cent” makes you remember why you fell in love in the first place. All graff writers can appreciate the clean and sentimental aspects of this workmanship.



“Mas” color combinations are palatable like sweet and sour gummies, gobstoppers, or something out of Willy Wonka’s Factory. They are meant to be visually-tasted when seen, allowing us fellatio-like access to Graff.


“Lost” denounces social constructs any and everywhere they exists.  His ode to “GetLOSTAlot” is an anthem of the streets and returns the keys of the city to the have-nots.

KOMAR 120613_8612komar“KOMAR” calligraphic characters seem to grow out of the surface like mold in a forest.  Its fecund nature seems to be captured right at the moment before it covers the surface of its choosing.

SKIE120713_9916skie “SKIE” always delivers a show and stops a gaze.  His letters are active, have personality and seem to dance, fight, play, and gestate on a wall.

DISTORT120713_0072distort 120713_0100distort “Distort” tells stories of creation and discovery.  His impressionistic and gothic allegory of homosapien life with Da Vinci near-touches and Picasso’s Mademoiselles extends time in a mural.  Using collage as a means of illustrating his sketches and etching inside of paint 120713_0024cans this mastermind appropriates classical tools in a urban setting.  The canon-cultivated writer raises the ladder without changing the scene. Genius!

120713_0029distortLook for these Artists all around the world because there’s no telling where they have been or where they will pop up.


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