50 Aggies for 50 years: N.C. A&T reflect on Dr. MLK, racism, and the 50th Anniversary of “I Have A Dream”


This weekend I decided to attend the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech” at the LIncoln Memorial in Washington D.C. On my way I started wondering what young people thought about racism today, Dr. King and his speech and their experiences. So I stopped by North Carolina Agriculture and Technical University to probe some young ripe minds.  Some of the questions I asked were:

“Does racism still exists?”; “Have you experienced racism?”; “In which forms do you think racism is most prevalent?”; “If you were alive in the 1960s would you have followed Dr. King or Malcolm X and why?”, “If Dr. King were around today, what do you think he would say about the state of Black America at his speech tomorrow?”

Below are the response, click on the student to reveal their voices.

Thank you A&T for thinking critically and speaking out.  Continue to do the work that Dr. King dreamed of and make this world a better place.  If you should have any questions about how you can make a difference, where to start, or what is your role in realizing a racist free society, please visit Nicole Florence in Student Activities or email her at nrfloren@ncat.edu.


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