The Art of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Beach at Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

This past week I spent in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, soaking up the rays and digging my feet deep into the warm sand.  I was determined to have a much earned vacation after earning my Master’s Degree from NYU.  These past couple of years have been challenging to say the least.  Completing my graduate degree in 3 semesters rather than the projected 4, driving down to Atlanta non-stop to work with Tyler Perry and Johnetta Boone as a costume intern on For Colored Girls, traveling to Africa working independently on thesis research in the townships of South Africa, teaching English and Computer Basics to Swahili speaking artists in Tanzania.  Though it may sound amazing and retrospectively it was I have been scared, lonely, exhausted, and restless at many points in these adventures.  So I decided, while I had a chance I should fly off to somewhere remote and just enjoy myself.  So Puerto Rico it was.

Residential building near downtown Dorado, Puerto Rico

Dorado is a small town located 15 miles (about 40 minutes) west of San Juan on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s known as a golf haven for golfers with its large expanses of land.  The downtown area is full of bars, bodegas, and locals populating densely packed streets, offering a intimate and culturally vibrate environment. The splashes of colors on residential buildings and sculptural works around town provide a visually pleasing and attractive community.

Closer to San Juan one can see art deco inspired architecture, vividly painted religious buildings, whimsical and attractive graffiti, through the sporadic rain showers of a tropical climate.

Do visit San Juan! It is a beautiful artistic center with great food and even greater passion fruit mojitos.

Shady P.

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